My research is rooted in narrative scenarios and stems towards technically driven stagings. Work is structured through nodes of information, analysis, association of ideas, that, like an organic document or a layered prism of elements, allow for several access points t...


The tones of life, after a certain age, extend beyond the mere accents of a past unavailable, they become the living substance of resolve: it puts in motion a sense of liberation. That which allows our soul to expand beyond remorse or ill feelings. Deep within a person...


with Felix Bachmann Quadros, Manuela Bernasconi, Bernardo Nante, Andrea Cavarra, Alessandra Faienza, Nuria Prazak. Shekinah de los Claveles, India Doron. original music by Ossigeno Music, Luca Congedo, Mario Cubillas & Neda Cainero, Marco Fagotti & Giovanni Ferri, Manu...


"Les archives vidéo de Guignol à roulettes" marks the conclusion of a long creative collaboration with the fribourgoise marionnette company. During a years' worth of work, 230 hours of audiovisual material, covering more than 20 years of the company's work, travels and...


Healing Museum
Virtual Reality Immersions at La Sosta day center, Pro Senectute Ticino, April 2019.
Ruse Laboratories


"Histoires de la Basse" est un projet de série documentaire qui naît à partir de la nécessité de se rencontrer avec la texture historique, le présent et la projection future d'un endroit social et géographique unique.
Ces courts clip vidéo font partie d'un travail en d...


Todavía quedaba en mi estilo algo de campechano, algo de sincero. La escritura era un combustible cotidiano que no me daba lugar a la duda. Ignoraba entonces, en esa juventud en la cual uno no se pregunta, todo lo que vendría después.


Cada definición es una estructura en el tiempo: cae y se desparrama ante la respiración de nuestra realidad.


I’ve just spent a long week workshopping through VR with high dozens of school students in the area of Fribourg. Most of these young souls have a penchant for strong experiences, but they all have a deep personal world that is being formed.


As we now preform our new cyborg selves towards the rising future, we look towards primitive cultures for clues and answers. Hidden within the fumes of our search for the impossible we are lost in an amaranthine reflected image of our humanity.


Sit and meditate. I know it's a bit blasé, form and age, but that's the benefit of the action I feel like placing on my working table today, as well as yesterday, and perhaps tomorrow.


La construcción de historias a través de recuerdos y vivencias es como formalizar una entrañable necesidad. Acá en la Basse Ville de Friburgo, el tiempo parece llevar los días en direcciones opuestas: de alguna manera transitamos lo lineal, el pasaje de las horas, los...


A short introduction to the work in development for a number of experiences to be held in Fribourg, Switzerland, throughout the following year. This work is promoted by collaboration between Xocolat and Ruse Laboratories.


Five days of collaboration with this extraordinary company of artists from all over the world has yielded Audiovisual Projections as part of the performance and this short documentary that sets the tone of the work done.


To dwell into the spirit of the game, rekindle our memories from childhood, keep our selves available and in a present stance, and share it all with an extraordinary group of talented dancers and performers has been a gift of a time.

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Felix's artistic vision transcends concept into action. Irreverent yet attached to an audience, experimentation serves storytelling and the movement of the imagination.

This site is perched on creative encounters.


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