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On the importance and manner of affiliation

It had come to our attention that there is no alternative way, or direct approach for the matter, to cover living costs, continue the pursuit of truth, and exchange art at a certain level of professional power, but to make space.

I live in a country where an artist’s occupation is stagnated at the basis of society. A supermarket clerk makes for a better living and is perhaps better acknowledged. This is not only a matter of education, for one would rightly suspect that Switzerland is one of the most educated countries in the world (* actually it doesn't make it in the top 20 list, some reports suggest, but what is the world nowadays but a bunch of dots on a digital canvas). It is predominantly that resources are kept at bay and directed towards the same functionaries every time*. It is also the sustained result of neglecting need: there seems to be no interest in changing things. And art does not necessarily live where the money is.

*HAN is in many ways an answer to constant discussions with government institutions and organisations that fail to understand the importance of generating new dynamics in the flow of capital for art. Extreme concentration of resources, the unavailability of understanding an artist beyond a famous or recognized figure, pen pushers with no answers and too many email requests to read, prolongues an endogamic game that breeds the same conceptual or entertainment oriented product. This is the result of a process that is stale and unpermeable towards the social texture that surrounds it.

It is perhaps less important, in this short note, to describe the intensity and dedication of life as an artist than to provide for thought. The creative act can be reduced to the pursuit for truth or beauty; to one of providing a dynamic point of view. Change the way you think about things. Confront fundamental ideas. In all considerations, and regardless of how destructive a creative process can actually be, art is however tied to extending a sense of life.

There isn’t really much choice about this thing of being an artist: it’s an early hammering knock on the door of your senses. Deafening such call has monstrous consequences. An artist is on the edge of life, performing upon himself what he is delivering beyond. It is in many ways a service endured naturally, so it can be very easily abused.

As art is the most basic universal human understanding, an artist takes on the role of developing value towards transformative scenarios. As we now preform our new cyborg selves towards the rising future, we look towards primitive cultures for clues and answers. Hidden within the fumes of our search for the impossible we are lost in an amaranthine reflected image of our humanity.Look into the mirror of time and envision our creased selves no more.

“…many Native American languages even lack a term meaning “art” or “artist.” If one wished to refer to a beautiful basket or a well-carved sculpture, it was usually necessary to rely upon such terms as “well-done,” “effective,” or perhaps “powerful” (in the magical sense). And the concept of an artist was largely of a person who was simply better at the job than was another.” (from encyclopedia britannica online)

Recently, I discussed how art is not about product but predominantly about process. Surely we can fathom a world in which experiences are algorithmically tailored to a map of emotions: smile, cry, feel loved, arousal, heroic assimilation. But the fact remains that as long as there are human artists there is a human process happening. And it is in the process where the texture of reality is transformed.

From Jacob Logos:

"The technical aspect - and I'm talking here about painting and drawing - is no doubt an important element to master for your own purpose. That's the practise of it, and why art schools and supply stores still exist. But the art is 9/10ths done before the brush touches the canvas, I'm pretty sure of that.

Location, collaboration, intention and creative affiliations can be just as vital in influencing the outcome of a work of art.

Having those things arranged, or at least facilitated can be massively important for positive experience. "





For the mobility of creativity, established in Fribourg 2017.

Established in Ticino 2020.




INSTITUTION. State of the art or art of the state?


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In the streets and grotos of Switzerland July to September 2023.

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