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For the viewing of this video (10 min.) it is recommended to have time to make its short journey, an open spirit, and headphones (or a good sound system).

Creation and staging for urban performance Tu Joues? in Fribourg has been an extraordinary time. To dwell into the spirit of the game, rekindle our memories from childhood, keep our selves available and in a present stance, and share it all with an extraordinary group of talented dancers and performers has been a gift of a time.

This audiovisual account provides with clues for the spirit of the game during the various performances in Fribourg and Ticino, in Switzerland, during Spring 2018. Julien Painot's piano composition, loosely tied to melody and rhythmic moments to open into a constant improvisation following the dancer's movements, is of extraordinary spacial strength. In fact, the recording has not been adjusted for this film.

Having work into "mediating" the performance to an audience, brought about a number of solutions. The text, brilliantly voiced by Baptiste Janon, is a short selection of the poetic imagery given to the audience on four different playing cards at the beginning of the performance. Each audience member was given the opportunity to relate to the experience through text, action provocations, and stimuli.

Working with the need to play today has given us an insight on a capital human need. Xocolat's (producer) blog offers a first handed account on some of the issues, the dialogue with professional education "players" and thought process.

My personal premise with this project has been to understand how game fills the void left by the disappearance of the ritual in society. Rites of passage are superficial if they are accounted for at all. The need to "play" in life addresses our sacred self, our fire within, our way of reaching into transformation.

Tu JOUES? Credits

Création et chorégraphie : Manuela Bernasconi Association narrative et création : Felix Bachmann Quadros Interprétation et chorégraphie : Pauline De Laet, Gabriela Leite Lima, Johanna Willig- Rosenstein, Dmytro Grynov, Arnaud Blondel. Piano et composition musicale: Julien Painot Production : Xocolat & MotoPerpetuo Réalisation et montage video: Felix Bachmann Quadros Voix off: Baptiste Janon Le projet TU JOUES ? a pu être réalisé grâce à la générosité et disponibilité des hôtes fribourgeois : Anita Clozza, Nathalie et Jörg Frieden, Anna Russo, Anna Ferretti, Paola et Pierre Alain Rolle, Erina Kolly et Pascal Clozza, Giovanna Garghentini et Christophe Python, Baptiste Janon et Silvia Feuz, Trees Hermenjat, Eléonore Favre, Alain Müller, Mélanie Gobet ; et des aux hôtes tessinois : Alessandra Ashkenazy, Fabio et Linda Leidi, Angela Andolfo, Luisa Mini, Diego Induni. à la confiance de : l’Etat de Fribourg, Direction de la santé et des affaires sociales, Direction de l’instruction publique et de la culture et le Service des bâtiments, la Loterie Romande, le Canton du Tessin, département de la Culture, SWISSLOS, la Ville de Lugano. e partage de vision de : la Fondation Ernst Göhner, la Fondazione Federica Spitzer. le sponsoring de : Banca dello Stato del Canton Ticino. la disponibilité, la passion pour la danse et pour l’art et la générosité de : Dance Center Monique Van de Roer, Tognetti Auto, Amélie Loison.






For the mobility of creativity, established in Fribourg 2017.

Established in Ticino 2020.




INSTITUTION. State of the art or art of the state?


Help is on the way.


In the streets and grotos of Switzerland July to September 2023.

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