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Il Sogno film poster

Written and Directed by: Felix B.Q.

Production: Manuela Bernasconi.

Acting: Hari Magatia, Nora Lea Rosenberg, Pamela De Pascalis.

Camera and Photography: Kevin Merz, Ricardo Torres.

Sound and Original music: Marco Viale.

Editing: Felix B.Q.

Color Grading: Carl Russ-Mohl (Muphovi Ltd.).

Stills Photography: Christian Scheggia.

With support of: Comune di Capriasca.

Country: Switzerland.

Format: Digital 1.19:1 aspect ratio.

Color / Black & White image treatment.

Duration: 10’ 15’’

The forest. A woman’s dead body. Two children wander and frolic. An abandoned shack. A promise long forgotten. A race into the labyrinth of memory.


IL SOGNO is a love story: a boy’s promise to deliver his love.

Shot entirely on natural light, the film is of an authentic look yet moves towards the reverie. Playing dynamics through mise-en-scène shots and visceral handheld moments provides for a constant tension between the rational and the imaginative, between fiction and reality.

The imagery of nature is both captivating and soothing. Sound and music composition balance the image autonomously throughout the scenes as the audience is taken into the whole experience.

Images are composed as a painting, finding breath for contemplation, yet, as in a dream, to an uncompromising rhythm.




For the mobility of creativity, established in Fribourg 2017.

Established in Ticino 2020.




INSTITUTION. State of the art or art of the state?


Help is on the way.


In the streets and grotos of Switzerland July to September 2023.

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