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The Name of a Thing

THE NAME OF A THING focuses on language as key to an act of healing and long sought reconciliation between Australia’s aborigine and non native population.

Stage 1 of this documentary’s production follows Australian artist’s Jacob Logos’ Cultural Marker project to be laid in the pavement of Reconciliation Plaza at Victoria Square / Tarntanyagga, Adelaide, in June 2017.

The documentary will be initially framed to a number of interviews with Kaurna’s aboriginal Elders, the Department of Linguistics - Faculty of Arts - The University of Adelaide, Adelaide City Council representatives, authorities on the subject of reconciliation in Australia and the Kaurna’s cultural heritage, and the children involved in the art imagery for the Cultural Marker.

The aim of THE NAME OF A THING is to present the healing needs of an Australian aboriginal community, and understand this at a level in which politics dissolve and the being appears. It is to make a specific geographical situation available to all, transcending regional and national boundaries.

This project is a Swiss / Australian independent production.

Due to a very tight and recent developing stage, institutional funding possibilities for Stage 1 of this project are almost ruled out. We can only hope to provide for its production stage by means of generous private support. The importance of filming the final stage towards the Marker’s placement at Recnciliation Plaza is essential for its further development.

If this is something you feel you can help bring forward, please contact me as I would be extremely happy to explain in detail about this small but important documentary already in the making.

Please feel free to forward this information to anyone you believe might be interested in making this possible.




For the mobility of creativity, established in Fribourg 2017.

Established in Ticino 2020.




INSTITUTION. State of the art or art of the state?


Help is on the way.


In the streets and grotos of Switzerland July to September 2023.

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