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The Val Colla is a far reaching end valley that perches on the northern edge of a huge basin that descends to lake Lugano. I sometimes used to walk up near the high mountain top, and even took to jogging on a cornice road early in the mornings to a very frisky wake up call. The slopes from Bidogno descended through uninhabited forests to Tesserete, the main town for the population of the Comune of Capriasca. Through these paths I had the time to find my way a loss and hidden beauty.

As an idea is brought to life, it can be perplexing to pinpoint its fount. This is the way in any creation: work through expansion towards the origin. During this journey Il Sogno became attached to a feeling: the discovery of something around the corner. A dialogue, if it were, with one's self. For there is nothing as certain to completing the quest in recovering a sense of intimacy as allowing for an image to produce feeling, world, movement.

An intimate imagination produces a force of expansion, much like a forest to shades and sun patches. It is the reverie that allows our imagination to pierce through the symbolism of creation and access universal treasures the movement of life, and still hold to the matter of what we call reality.

In seeking out behind the visible images the hidden one, Gaston Bachlard suggests: "In the heart of matter there grows an obscure vegetation; in the night of matter black flowers blossom. They already have their velvet and the formula of their scent." (L Eau et les rêves).

What is at stake is to deprive one's self from one's own intimacy. As soon as we loose touch with our inner world, we are at the mercy of everything and nothing. And it is in these pockets of total relationship to our own selves through which a personal life can find another. Dreams are the last threshold to preserving our own inner world.

During my time in Ticino I had been developing an imaginative nucleus of information. Ubi. Sit. Loci. tied together the elements of absolute memory and complete personal detachment to one's self. Stories grow out of this conflict as a dialogue: between two men (link to first treatment in Spanish), between our inner propulsion and our outer form of communication. Between present time and past memories, and how these relate towards an indivisible existence.

This dialectic proposal for furthering into a creative road stemmed into the sometimes contradictory values of concept and unabridged imagination. There is danger in a process of contradiction. In the synthesis of information we tend to cut, at the last vital stroke, the fragile provision that had incited in us the initial value of need to create. The very seed that had found its way, through collaboration, to a final form presented is reduced to mere concept and thus our intent can be placed in a series of repetition. The energy contained in creative breath becomes inevitably affixed to the price of success and the access to its completed form provided for by a selection committee.

If the life of our creation requires to be accepted, judged, and prized for it to exist, then the process of life is disturbed. Against these odds, and after over a year waiting in line for a screening, this online publishing becomes it entirely.

The stories proposed through this organism of imagination, tied into Carnal Creative Universe, produced several works. Conscience is at the very root of our discussion. For conscience alone allows us to study the face of imagination subjectively, unafraid of what is not explained for us on remote.

Felix B.Q.

Fribourg. April 2017.




For the mobility of creativity, established in Fribourg 2017.

Established in Ticino 2020.




INSTITUTION. State of the art or art of the state?


Help is on the way.


In the streets and grotos of Switzerland July to September 2023.

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