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Resist: do more

Resist abasement, do more than what is needed.

A train ride. Switzerland, Winter 2014. Yesterday is today.

The dialogue: Waiter (in a strong Italian accent): "Good evening Madam, would you like a coffee, an espresso, a cappuccino?"

Woman: (not audible) The woman demands an explanation.

Waiter: "When I have nothing to do yes, because to be frank I get bored, so I manage to come to you and even ask if you would fancy a coffee. I do this out of my own will, obviously, because it not a part of my duties. But, for someone that wants, justly so, to do something, I don't get lost in the two minutes that takes me to ask if someone wants an espresso or a coffee. All well then, Madam? Good night again. Thank you." (to another client): "Good evening, a coffee, espresso, cappuccino?"

by Felix B.Q. Music Marco Fagotti Ossigeno.




For the mobility of creativity, established in Fribourg 2017.

Established in Ticino 2020.




INSTITUTION. State of the art or art of the state?


Help is on the way.


In the streets and grotos of Switzerland July to September 2023.

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