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Resist: do more

Resist abasement, do more than what is needed.

A train ride. Switzerland, Winter 2014. Yesterday is today.

The dialogue: Waiter (in a strong Italian accent): "Good evening Madam, would you like a coffee, an espresso, a cappuccino?"

Woman: (not audible) The woman demands an explanation.

Waiter: "When I have nothing to do yes, because to be frank I get bored, so I manage to come to you and even ask if you would fancy a coffee. I do this out of my own will, obviously, because it not a part of my duties. But, for someone that wants, justly so, to do something, I don't get lost in the two minutes that takes me to ask if someone wants an espresso or a coffee. All well then, Madam? Good night again. Thank you." (to another client): "Good evening, a coffee, espresso, cappuccino?"

by Felix B.Q. Music Marco Fagotti Ossigeno.




For the mobility of creativity, established in Fribourg 2017.




HAN, a new platform and mobile app in development to provide for new ways of generating creative encounters, and movement of artists. 

Immersion Specialist

Experience VR in a way you have never experienced it before.

By appointment only.

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