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Tak, tak, tak, ding, ding, ding. That's the tingling sound of worth. The wheels are turning, lights are flashing, signs are spinning. Finally we're on to something now.

It's been a year of turning this film on it's head, in getting the right team to get on the page. Francesco Bernasconi is now on board teamed up with Rocco Cassone and myself in the writing process to the grit and freshness it needs. We're now getting it onto the tracks all the way to production aim by 2018.


Working title: Gambling Time.

Fiction: Inspired in true events.

Genre: Urban Film / Road Movie.

Story by Rocco Cassone, Felix B.Q., Francesco Bernasconi.

To be directed by Felix B.Q.


An urban film that follows Rocco (25), a games addicted player, as he finds his playing skill can set him on a winning spree, emptying new machines in less than an hour, and taking on the road through Switzerland, pushing through the boundaries of a stale life and into that of self - discovery.


Gambling Time follows the events that lead to an infamous “fatal April” of 2005, product of the transition by law that forced slot machines (by far the biggest money makers in legal gambling) out of pubs to concentrate in casinos.

Working around the law, small local slot machines producers Escor and Proms, kept their public venue’s licence by offering a new type of slot machines more related to the “skill” of its players than to actual chance. This proved a big miscalculation, for player like Rocco it was easier to empty a machine than crack a new video-game.

This is an untold story, a close to the ground account of what actually happened, the tricks around corporate manoeuvres to hold easy money making schemes turned on its head. It is a vindication film: the oppressed subject of a system finds a way to liberation playing by the rules.




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