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On Writing. Ubi. Sit. Loci.

in spanish

Shot by Felix B.Q. and Nicolás Bachmann.

Edited by Felix B.Q.

A short video on writing process.

Ubi. Sit. Loci. is a neuralgic compositum of information, part of Carnal Creative Universe.

At the present moment it is being developed into a short Virtual Reality film.

Taking breath from Borge's "Funes el Memorioso" and Alexander Luria's "The Mind of a Mnemonist" it follows an private agent into the heart of a crime investigation.




For the mobility of creativity, established in Fribourg 2017.




HAN, a new platform and mobile app in development to provide for new ways of generating creative encounters, and movement of artists. 

Immersion Specialist

Experience VR in a way you have never experienced it before.

By appointment only.

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