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Speirsuotio poster Jacob Logos

Art by Jacob Logos for Speirsuotio

This edition of the NN magazines was to provide the necessary power to generate funding for a full edition of an artistic and cultural magazine relating the creative process and becoming an intrinsic part of its artistic output.

Again, flawed in its vision probably misleaded by pushing ideas in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Working with designer Michele Forzano, we would make each magazine its own size, specific to its content.

N3 would become a small A6 book. And N4 would be a huge poster on the back with the articles composed as a game of hopscotch.

The subject for N4 was Speirsuotio, a super powerful dance performance by Manuela Bernasconi, clicked with theatrical moments, that dwelled deep into the roots of a family story.

Penned by Felix B.Q., Manuela Bernasconi, Manuela Camponovo, Grazia Bernasconi, Marco Fagotti.





For the mobility of creativity, established in Fribourg 2017.




HAN, a new platform and mobile app in development to provide for new ways of generating creative encounters, and movement of artists. 

Immersion Specialist

Experience VR in a way you have never experienced it before.

By appointment only.

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