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Image Nusrat by Jacob Logos for ¡LAZARO!

Born as a yell ¡LAZARO! prevailed through hardship, travels and extraordinary collaboration and friendship.

This first edition of the N1 magazine aimed to lay down the basis for work after its first short tour in Switzerland, and in preparation for its journey through Latin America.

As you will read ahead, the spirit that rushed through this extraordinary piece is one of irreverence in face of oppression and hardship.

Written at a time in which the first evidence of an increasing disparity and inmoral behaviour from the banking and coorporate establishment was surfacing yet felt globally, its concern is misery and poverty.

The book is based on an anonymous XVI century book, El Lazarillo de Tormes, sus fortunas y adversidades. This small book is the first ever novel - and credited as the father of the epistolar genre, later to inspire Cervantes and spanish golden age writers such as Calderón de la Barca.

It has also taken us to discover much older classics such as Apuley's Golden Ass (Metamorphosis). And set the tone for ¡Lazaro! somewhere in the line of of medieval teatro de tertulias and Autos Sacramentales.

A detailed journey (available in spanish and italian):




For the mobility of creativity, established in Fribourg 2017.

Established in Ticino 2020.




INSTITUTION. State of the art or art of the state?


Help is on the way.


In the streets and grotos of Switzerland July to September 2023.

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