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On ¡Lazaro!

“¡Lázaro!, the play, is a splurge of movement, color, sounds and sensations. A creative fabric that has the power of transporting us into real scenarios and the dream side of our everyday life. (…) ¡Lázaro! is an alchemy of differences making it possible for it to exist on any stage…” 

Mauricio Toro.


¡LAZARO! 2018
Aesthetic universe and inspiration 
Historical Material
N1 Magazine
N2 Magazine
Teaser | Trailer
historical A.V. Material Vimeo
Body Concept
Music material
The book of Lazaro
Manuela Bernasconi
Jacob Logos
Upon request:
Lazaro book in Spanish, Italian or French.


¡LAZARO! 2018
Dossier de presentación 
Sustancia y Limite, Universo estético
Material Historico
Revista N1
Revista N2 
Teaser | Trailer
Body Channel Colombia entrevista
Material Audiovisual Vimeo
Material Musical
Manuela Bernasconi
Jacob Logos
A disposición:
Libro de la obra en Castellano, Italiano o Frances. 
¡LAZARO! 2018, sustancia y limite (universo estético).


Materiale Storico
Rivista N1
Rivista N2
Teaser | Trailer
Il Ponte RSI interview
Materiale Video Vimeo
Manuela Bernasconi
Jacob Logos
A disposizione:
Libro del opera in spagnolo, italiano, e francese.


¡LAZARO! 2018
Dossier de présentation
Matériel Historique
Teaser | Trailer
A.V. Vimeo
Manuela Bernasconi
Jacob Logos
A disposition:
Scénario en espagnol, italien et français.