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theatre / film / vr & performance

This website contains information about projects in various stages of production.

Each title comprehends and extensive work territory including conception, creative process, writing, narrative association, communication, direction, research, mask making, production and continuity.

Tags allow grouping through publications accessed through the blog page, where most updates and thoughts are processed.

Working on

LIMINAL- Dance & theatre | In french. Fribourg, Switzerland.

Status: in development.

Understanding the nature of consciousness.

A new mise en scene of Carnal (first performed in 2013), a new drammaturgy, a thorough creative process including motion capture, VR and immersive works, Snoutmasks; an international collaboration.

MONA VIRTUAL REALITY THERAPY- Experience for the elderly | International.

Status: service on request.

MONA is a highly advanced, fully customizable Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) platform that whisks patients away from the confines of hospital rooms using therapeutic, immersive artworks created by artists and doctors.

MONA is used by medical professionals around the world to address a variety of complex healthcare challenges.

VIRTUAL REALITY AS PERFORMANCE- Research practice | In english.

Status: in progress.

Setting the space and introducing the users to a game scenario, a dialogue arises between the director and the user, between the user and those attending the immersion. Opening an individual experience towards a shared one sets a number of relationships into motion and personal stories become an intrinsic part of the experience. 

IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES - Ruse Laboratories | In spanish, italian, french, english. Fribourg, Switzerland / California, USA.

Status: in progress.

Development, creation and performance of virtual immersions and interactive productions through platforms developed by Ruse Laboratories (CA, USA). 

Each experience is produced to bespoke skill and understanding.

RIVAGES - Theatre & Marionette. Sion / Sierre, Swizerland.

Status: Creation / rehearsals.

A new creation by marionette company Héros Fourbus, from Sion, to open Petitthéathre Sion, and Les Halles Sierre, May 2020.


HOST ARTIST NETWORK - Social platform and mobile app for the mobility of creativity and mediation project. Fribourg, Swizerland / Worldwide.

Status: Financing.

A social platform / network for the creation of spaces for artists to sojourn, create, and relate to local communities and audience.

A Xocolat projection, by Felix Bachmann Quadros, Manuela Bernasconi, Emily Lewis, and collaborators.

Selected completed works

THE SNOUT MASK FILM - Documentary (47') | In english, spanish, french, italian. Fribourg, Lugano, Switzerland. Milano, Italy. Begur, Spain.

Status: Editing.

A journey through the creation of SNOUT MASKS, from its conception to its making. With Bernardo Nante, Manuela Bernasconi, Andrea Cavarra, Alessandra Faienza. 

Written, directed  & cut by Felix Bachmann Quadros. 

LES ARCHIVES VIDEO DE GUIGNOL A ROULETTES - Guignol à roulettes | In french. Fribourg, Switzerland.

Writer / Director / Editor. 8 part documentary series focusing on the first twenty years of Fribourg's theatre and marionette company, Guignol à roulettes. 

Work in collaboration with the Bibliotèque cantonal et universitaire de Fribourg. 

HISTOIRES DE LA BASSE - Short Documentary Series for the WEB | In french, german. Fribourg, Swizerland.

Fribourg's Basse Ville also known as the Auge neighbourhood is a unique place for both Swiss and international standards. Cutting through almost two hundred meters of wall, the Sarine bends to a pronounced angle, surrounded by the old city walls. Its people have stories to tell, lives to pronounce. From the most well preserved medieval city in Europe, les Histories de la Basse is a treasure story through its people.

Concept and direction Felix B.Q. & Baptiste Janon.

TU JOUES? - Dance Performance, Mediation Project. Fribourg, Swizerland.

A dance performance to address the spirit of game in a community, the elements of freedom in structure, rules to bend, and looking into the untold realm of playfulness.

Questions addressed are complemented by an ongoing audiovisual discussion with professionals in the subject, and artistic actions in collaboration to local artists.

A Xocolat encounter in Fribourg, directed by Manuela Bernasconi and written by Felix B.Q.

SOLO BÊTES D' AMOUR - Dance solo | In french. 2017.

Collaboration with choreographer and performer Manuela Bernasconi, a place between life and death.

Writing collaboration through Snout Mask.

DRIVE IN -  Dance and Narration through radio | In italian (available in spanish). Production 2016.

Performance set in a car park, the audience access narration and music through their car's radio to a crime of dolls and over-powerment.

Written and Directed by Felix Bachmann Quadros, with Manuela Bernasconi, Francesca Sproccati and Christian Scheggia.

OPEN LAND - MID LENGTH film (38') | In english and italian. Swizerland 2016.

The death of a young woman in Room 306 opens an investigation. Crime and passion mingle in the mind of the Narrator. As the story unfolds the crime materializes to resolve the intimate responsibility of acts commited. An immersive experience through narrative, music and dance.

Written and Directed by Felix Bachmann Quadros. 

IL SOGNO - SHORT film (10') | In italian. Swizerland 2016.

The forest. A woman’s dead body. Two children wander and frolic. An abandoned shack. A promise long forgotten. A race into the labyrinth of memory.

Written and Directed by Felix Bachmann Quadros. 

ROOM 306 - Film Performance  | In italian.  Production 2015.

Live editing to screen, live music and dance performance.

Directed and Performed by Felix Bachmann Quadros and Luca Congedo, with Manuela Bernasconi and Francesca Sproccati.

MISS UNDERSTANDING - Dance and Narration to Music | In italian. Production 2015.

Set as a noir crime story, passion, mirrors, all encompass the ambiguous truth of Carmen and Sophie.

Written by Felix Bachmann Quadros, with Luca Congedo, Manuela Bernasconi and Francesca Sproccati.

CARNAL - Theatre, Dance, Live Caligraphy and Music | In spanish and italian. Production 2014.

Taking over a derelict space in Lugano, Switzerland, to transform into a theatre and performance piece throughout 2014, Carnal is an experience to multiple layers of art.

Written, Directed and Performed by Felix Bachmann Quadros, with Luca Gongedo, Manuela Bernasconi, Gabriela Carboganani Hess and full extended company.

SPEIRSUOTIO - Solo Dance performance | In italian. Production 2013.

Set in a small Sicilian town, Mirandola visit's her grandmother's attic to an astonishing find: a long forgotten love story.

Directed by Felix Bachmann Quadros, performed by Manuela Bernasconi.


¡LAZARO! 2018 - Physical theatre and music performance | In spanish, available in italian and french (70'). La Orientala, Uruguay, Fribourg, Switzerland.

Status: On hold.

New mise en scene for hit performance piece by Felix B.Q. and Mathias Britos, ¡Lazaro!'s insight on misery and life transformation proves to be more contemporary than ever. 

Written and Directed by Felix Bachmann Quadros and Mathias Britos.

THE NAME OF A THING - Feature documentary & ART ensamble | In english. Swizerland, Australia.  

A collaborative artistic project framed towards a full length film documentary that creatively looks into the value of language as an instrument of cultural re-appropriation, cohesion and identity.

The documentary is a frame of a cultural and creative exchange through the lens of two life long friends. 

Written by Felix Bachmann Quadros and Jacob Logos.

GAMBLING TIME - Feature film (100') | In french, italian, german. Fribourg, Swizerland.

Status: Treatment, author's notes, development material. 

An urban film that follows Rocco (25), a games’ addicted player, as he finds his skill can set him on a winning spree, emptying new skill slot machines in less than an hour and taking on the road through Switzerland, pushing through the boundaries of a stale life and into that of self - discovery.

Directed by Felix Bachmann Quadros.

ROGUE Short Film Triptych + V.R. Experience - 3 SHORT films (12') | In french, spanish, english meet V.R. experience. Fribourg, Switzerland.

Status: Screenplay, development material, photographic research.

Three short fiction films (Stella, Restraint, Eight) 12 minutes each, compose as a triptych of interrelated stories that find resolution and convergence through a Virtual Reality experience (15 minutes).

Written by Felix Bachmann Quadros. To be directed by Felix B.Q. Towards collaboration.

DIOGENES - Phystical Theatre monologue through the use of Snout Mask | In spanish. 2018.

Ever looking for a true man, Diogenes blasts through deafening bullshit to his own inner silence.

Written, Directed and Performed by Felix Bachmann Quadros.

UBI.SIT.LOCI. - SHORT film | In english, italian, spanish. 2015.

Mnemonist finance magnate Fontana asks his young protegée Pax Martinez to hold to a personal memory he himself is not aware of, into which he inserts a secret code. Project adapted to 7 chapter web series + V.R. short film.

THE BOOK OF LAZARO - Illustrated book + V.R. installation | In english. 2017.

Inspired on both ¡Lazaro! creative universe and work done for Solo Bêtes d' Amour, a debauched imaginative extravaganza.

Written by Felix Bachmann Quadros,illustrated by Jacob Logos.

PROLOGOS - short story composition | In spanish. 2016 - ongoing

A flow of thoughts and image open to strong narrative: each piece is a prologue set to 1.000 words.

Written by Felix Bachmann Quadros.


Works filmed and edited for the web.


Centripetal energy towards the outstanding. 

Collaboration towards creative activity. 

Thoughts and concept relate to action.


A tool for writing. 

Detail analysis on the origin of the Snout Mask. Its conception, collaboration, current status and further development into Mask System for dance choreography and character monologue.


Through Masnàda Associazione established in Ticino to an international scope in 2009, and towards the newly established XOCOLAT in Fribourg, conceptual work on collaboration and the life of an artwork.


Historical research material is carefully arranged into several magazines towards digital publishing.

This section includes work done for the creative universes, the fount of ideas and concept expansion. 



Writer, Actor, Director, Producer.

Felix Bachmann Quadros works in the creation, conception, development and production of artistic works for theatre, film and other media. His work relates to new forms of expression, and becomes manifest in the propagation of language and free narrative association to generate personal and unique work. To a large extent his creative conception is ingrained in the use of masks, from the artisanal to the conceptual.

Currently based in Fribourg, Switzerland, Felix is working on virtual reality galleries in collaboration with Ruse Laboratories (California). His work with the medium has found traction through Healing Museum, guided immersions, immersive stories for hospitals (currently in use in the U.S.A.), workshops for schools, and research practice under the title of Virtual Immersion Performances. 


Financing is underway for Host Artist Network, an online platform and mobile app with the aim of generating new artist to audience dynamics and production alternatives.


Felix has recently finished directing, writing and editing of eight part series sequences, that exhibits the work done by Fribourgoise marionette and theatre company Guignol à roulettes and fellow artists, the span of which covers two decades of archive material, from 1980 to 2003. This work has been presented in the Bibliotèque cantonale et universitaire de Fribourg in September 2019.

Previously, Felix has been involved in the creation of Tu Joues?, a dance performance and creative encounter that toured Switzerland during spring 2018. He has worked in La Orientala, Uruguay, for a new mise en scene and kickoff for the ¡LAZARO! creative universe (theatre, music, multidisciplinary collaborative work), to be taken to a theatre, journalistic and audiovisual itinerant project. 


He is also constructing workshops for theatre and dance through the use of Snout Masks, and has recently finished The Snout Mask Film exhibiting in depth the making of and concept behind this novel instrument for writing through movement. 


During 2017 work focus was placed on writing and development of short film and VR triptych ROGUE inspired in Fribourg's basse ville, and has developed of a full length documentary, THE NAME OF A THING, focusing on the recovery of cultural and territorial identity of the Kaurna (first nation) in south Australia through their spoken language.


He has also written several development scenarios and treatments for feature film, GAMBLING TIME, (now on hold) inspired in true events that occurred in Fribourg during the summer of 2005, tackling the subject of game addiction and echoing our everyday handling of celular phones and screens today.


Felix works actively through the audiovisual for the development of his work. His master in performing arts at the London International School of Performing Arts (2007) with Thomas Prattki opened a full spectrum of knowledge through traditional dramatic territories such as Commedia dell’ Arte, the chorus, tragedy, buffon, clown, and the use of the mask in general.


He works for over a decade in the development of creative universes as a means and form of creative collaboration, expanding the limits of the different art disciplines to create works of art that contain vital dynamics in relationship to the surrounding reality.

He has written novels, short stories, films, theatre plays, and poetry. 



Felix as "the Squire" in ¡Lazaro! theatre oeuvre.