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Histoires de la Basse


Les “Histoires de la Basse” is a documentary series that spawns from the need to concentrate on the social and geographical texture of the Basse Ville in Fribourg.

These small clips are part of the development stage, previous to the writing of the project itself. The realisation of this material has been possible thanks to the support of Telooge and the projects participatif Ville de Fribourg 2018.

The possibility of having the Basse Ville as a backdrop is coupled with the extraordinary strength of the stories as a means of sharing historical issues that allow for new points of views today, and the projection towards the future.

“Histories de la Basse” by Felix Bachmann Quadros and Baptiste Janon.

Telooge 2018. 

Projects participatif Ville de Fribourg 2018.

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