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Hasard festival

performance festival / hybrid interactive live streaming

Hasard is an open stage for the performing arts. It is a showcase, a cultural observatory that allows a panoramic view of the multiplicity of artistic creation and access to a heterogeneous public. 

Hasard was born during Covid 19 lockdowns, out of a need from the artists and the public to continue with their work. All institutional funded theatres were unreactive. The Hasard festival is marked with spontaneity, and rapid realization. The first edition took place in presence to limited audience at the GATE of the blue FACTORY in Fribourg, Switzerland, July 2020; the second in interactive live stream (teatro virtual), in December 2020; Hasard 3, February 2021.


A fourth edition of Hasard, in collaboration with Fri-son Fribourg, is now in development to open March 2023. This festival will be held as a hybrid experience (teatro virtual and in presence), to an elaboration of value perpetuation and make space ecosystem tools. 

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