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Teatro virtual

interactive streaming format / a personal experience

Virtual theatre refers to the definition of text works, body movement, dance, performative or artistic installations, live performances, with or without the presence of an audience, to live interactive streaming through digital devices.

The personal experience is generated from the dynamic (and convivial) relationship of three nodes / spaces and define the temporal elasticity:

the moment of live performance.
the interactivity.
the personal reality of each member of the audience. 

From its root in the Latin virtus (force or virtue), virtual refers to that which has the virtue to produce an effect, even though it does not produce it presence. This bridge to the present is established thanks to interactive tools. 

The interactivity parameters are related from:

the point of view (choice of camera)
sound management
the possibility of chatting and interacting with other users/audience
the relationship with the work and the members in terms of a narrative space that transcends the moment of the live performance.

This format has been used during performance festivals Hasard 2 and Hasard 3, and is in development towards value perpetuation through make space ecosystem and in relationship to 

A montage of the visual experience:

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