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May 21, 2017



Solo Bêtes d' Amour
research & creation


Work in progress for solo dance piece by and with Manuela Bernasconi. This film is a selection of moments during the open Feedback Session at Annexe 36 in Lausanne 17.05.2017. The Session provides research and creation done in collaboration with Francesca Sproccati, Nuria Prazak and Felix B.Q. 

Solo Bêtes d' Amour will open in Autum 2017 in Switzerland. 


Filmed and Edited by Felix B.Q.

With Manuela Bernasconi

A research collaboration with Nuria Prazak, Felix B.Q., Francesca Sproccati.

Snout Masks by Felix B.Q. and Andrea Cavarra. 

The novel use of these small masks is making way into the creative process and providing for a full character life, focusing on choreography, breath, and the soul of the piece. 


Snout Masks are now entering further research towards method and to provide a more structured creative empowerment called Mask Systems.

Solo Bêtes d' Amour is produced by MotoPerpetuo dance company.


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