The playful spirit

During creation and research for Tu Joues? dance and mediation performance, there has always been a recurrent feeling: how do we define and hold something that is as fleeting as the present moment, and as slippery as mercury. The playful spirit is small, and appears out of the blue. It is insignificant and yet whole. And we've come to realise the crucial important to hold it close to our heart, always, in life.

Through the Xocolat Blog page a short selection of articles express part of what we've experienced during two months of research, play and dance.

The performance itself, presented in playing grounds in Fribourg and in Ticino for the Fête de la Danse, tapped into the wondrous strength of the playing spirit but also presented its fragility. It opened the performance for the audience to participate through their own imagination, and provoked an intimate experience.

The audience was given playing cards with instructions to access the performance.

The follow up to this extraordinary and very personal creation will be an adaptation to the theatre and other urban spaces.




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