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Virtual immersion performance

Status: Prototype production

REVES is an interactive and immersive VR performance taken from Lisa Bresner's book "Un rêve pour toutes les nuits", illustrated by Frédérick Mansot, with the calligraphies of Dong Qiang, first published by Actes Sud Edition in 1999.

The different supports, realities and materials overlap and mix and create a sensory, audiovisual and imaginative experience that switches between narration and image, Chinese calligraphy and dance, movement and sound.

Target audience, children and adolescent from 6 to 16 years of age, extended to all audiences. 

REVES highlights the dialogue between cultures and the encounter between living art and immersive technologies and virtual reality.

The conductor stimulates the users to use the full body for the calligraphic writing. REVES is a meeting of cultures, a sharing of cosmovision through the act of writing; how dreams are also a part of our conception of reality; the construction of though patterns, our practical environment.

As the immersive experience is completed, the audience and users are invited to enter, alone, the exit corridor: they discover the backside, analogical and digital structures, the skeleton, plans and sketches, the memories of a dream.

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