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Open Land

Written and Directed by: Felix B.Q.

Director of Photography: Ariel Salati.

Movement Director: Manuela Bernasconi.

Assistant Director: Diego Induni.

Actors and performers include: Camilla Parini, Mathias Britos,

Anita Faconti, Francesca Sproccati, Manuela Bernasconi,

Salvatore Lietone, Fabio degli Antoni, and Felix B.Q.

Producers: Manuela Bernasconi, Felix B.Q, Luca Congedo,

Marco Viale, Jean Pierre Schoch.

Production: Masnàda Associazione.

Associate Producer: Led Films.

In collaboration wth: MotoPerpetuo, CISA, Polivideo.

Duration: 38’’35’’’

Sound: 5.1 mix. or stereo.

Aspect ratio: 2.39:1

Genre: Experimental narrative through dance and music.


An inquiry into the details of a crime projects the Narrator into disclosing his own responsibility to acts committed.

Open Land is an experimental dance film. Dramatic tension is generated through a threefold relationship: narration, music, and dance. Its visual impact concentrates the volume of information and its availability. The image attracts, is expressive and erotic; it relates to hollow pockets of narration opening archetypical spaces.


Dance sequences liberate the narrative structure allowing for the audience’s thought process to reach into the film.

What seem thoughts are actually actions. Characters breathe life into the crime and appear to transcend that of being fictional manifestations. We are not merely peeking into the room of crime, we are in it.


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