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Miss Understanding

Written and Directed by: Felix Bachmann Quadros.

Choreography: Manuela Bernasconi, Francesca Sproccati.

Dancers: Manuela Bernasconi, Francesca Sproccati.

Music: Luca Congedo.

Actors and performers include: Felix Bachmann Quadros, Camilla Parini, Daniele Bernardi.

Lights: Giulia Pastore.

Producers: Manuela Bernasconi, Felix B.Q, Luca Congedo.

Production: MotoPerpetuo.

Genre: Experimental narrative through dance and music.


Out of Carnal Creative Universe comes Miss Understanding, MotoPerpetuo production, Ticino, Switzerland. Narrated live and set to the extraordinary live composition of Luca Congedo, dance moves, exploits, provokes, undresses, shares the scoop.

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