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¡Lazaro vive!

Mathias Britos, Felix Bachmann Quadros, Gustavo Etchenique
Duration: 45 minutes

In Spanish with scenes possible in Italian, French or English.
Music concert and theatre.

Status: distribution

The first Canto de Lazaro was written and compose side by side with the original theatre piece ¡Lazaro!. 

An expansion and adaptation of the original Canto, with new songs and arrangements was created during two month residency at the Orientala ecological farm in Uruguay in 2018. Work by Efren Ramirez Bello, Mathias Britos and Felix Bachmann Quadros.

Having restaged ¡Lazaro! (front and circular versions), the Canto de Lazaro has been reworked (July 2022), towards a vital source: ¡Lazaro Vive!, a 40 minute concert and storytelling ordeal inspired in The "Lazarillo de Tormes" (1552, Anonymous), "the Golden Ass" (Apuleius, II century), and the times we live in.

¡Lazaro vive! was presented in Bedin Musica festival, Bedigliora, July 16th, 2022. Eight songs, moments of storytelling and theatrical dialogue open up a space of narrative play in which the story of Lazaro is told.

Voice (canto) as the main vehicle, ¡Lazaro vive! shores on the river plate, the milonga and the candome, from the bachata to the joropo. Maraca, cajón, guitar, mixed with the flavour of the Andes.


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