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Il Sogno

Written and Directed by: Felix B.Q.

Production: Manuela Bernasconi.

Acting: Hari Magatia, Nora Lea Rosenberg, Pamela De Pascalis.

Camera and Photography: Kevin Merz, Ricardo Torres.

Sound and Original music: Marco Viale.

Editing: Felix B.Q.

Color Grading: Carl Russ-Mohl (Muphovi Ltd.).

Stills Photography: Christian Scheggia.

With support of: Comune di Capriasca.

Country: Switzerland.

Format: Digital 1.19:1 aspect ratio.

Color / Black & White image treatment.

Duration: 10’ 15’’


The forest. A woman’s dead body. Two children wander and frolic. An abandoned shack. A promise long forgotten. A race into the labyrinth of memory.

Images are composed as a painting, finding breath for contemplation, yet, as in a dream, to an uncompromising rhythm.

This film was produced on a minimum budget and with the help of local community of Bidogno and Somazzo in the Comune of Capriasca, Canton of Ticino, Switzerland.

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