top of page is a digital tool based on a network of hostartists sharing resources, creating opportunities that foster production in the arts, creation, mediation and diversified access to art, and allowing a reduction of costs that weigh on cultural, creative and artistic dynamics by generating new values and exchange systems. is an instrument that generates matching and contact between the need and intention of one person and the availability of another: to dialogue on a subject of interest, to exchange information for research, to find or propose a meeting or creation space, accommodation for a creation trip, to attend a cultural event in another location, connect two persons who could benefit from knowing each other. is a free tool for the direct use of the public, artists, cultural actors and amateurs, but it indirectly impacts companies, associations, groups, theaters, festivals, venues and showcases for art. 

Bridging over a substantial gap between the social community and art, ha.n promotes an access to art that values the creative process, beyond the finished art product, without excluding it and transcending the limits of a certain market, current definitions, formats and structures. ha.n values the person, her or his role, responsibility and power as a transmitter and propeller of art.

The alpha version of was launched in September 2021 with the support of InnoSuisse, the City of Fribourg, the Loterie Romande, blueFACTORY and RAMPE 21. After a first phase of network expansion and testing, a beta version is ready to welcome new hostartists from the beginning of March. is a project led by the Xocolat association, with the aim of cultural and social development not for profit. With the objective of collective development and exchange, the code of will be available as an open source, its values are transformed over time through channels set up to stimulate communication between hostartists, and between hostartists and the creative and technical team. Data analysis by has no economic or profiteering intention whatsoever.


for more information please visit the website.

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