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Writer & Performer

¡Lazaro vive!

Music concert and theatre. 

Status: distribution

The first Canto de Lazaro was written and compose side by side with the original theatre piece. 

An expansion and adaptation of the original Canto, with new songs and arrangements was created during two month residency at the Orientala ecological farm in Uruguay in 2018. Work by Efren Ramirez Bello, Mathias Britos and Felix Bachmann Quadros.

Having restaged ¡Lazaro! (front and circular versions - see below), the Canto de Lazaro has been reworked (July 2022), towards a vital source: ¡Lazaro Vive!, a 40 minute concert and storytelling ordeal inspired in The Lazarillo de Tormes, the Golden Ass, and the times we live in.

¡Lazaro vive! was presented in Bedin Musica festival, Bedigliora, July 16th, 2022.

It is carried by Mathias Britos, Felix Bachmann Quadros & Gustavo Etchenique.


Concept & Production talks

One to one talks on life, creativity, societal behaviour, sharing of resources, novelty, complexity, instrumenting reality.

Status: ongoing production

Concept & Production sessions 

ha.n brainstorming sessions are a series of online discussions unravelling the issues that the developing virtual landscape is projecting on the organisation of communities, complex social dynamics and the construction of value.  

Status: preproduction.

The exchange between the aspects of reality (physical, virtual, psychic), is speed generating new spaces of action. sessions are a critical examination of the opportunities at hand.  

Creative committee & Production


Performance led event & Symposium | Switzerland / Worldwide.

Status: development

The incident is a performance-oriented symposium, that connects a multiplicity of locations, themes, and personalities through a common story: transcending human consciousness: the edge of what is possible and what is unimaginable: the mingling of truth with feeling, intimacy and cosmos, science, nature and art. Five main themes carry a multiplicity of visions: biosphere, psychedelics , virtual / tech / ai, extra-terrestrial, parapsychology.


The Incident 3 takes its roots from the phenomenal encounter held in 1995 in Fribourg’s Belluard fortress, Switzerland, within the frame of Belluard/ Bollwerk Festival. Major figures from the worlds of art and technology alongside researchers in unexplained phenomena, covered areas from parapsychology, ufology, dreams, and other subjects that concerned the exploration of human consciousness. Invitees included James Turrell, Terrence McKenna, Jacques Vallee, Urike Rosenbach, Roy Ascott, Michael Lindemann, Kathleen Rogers, Keiko Sei, Jeremy Narby, Kristine Stiles, Budd Hopkins, Marko Peljhan, Robert Fischer, H. R. Giger and Michael Heim.  

Concept & Director 

Digital instrument - available potential space that provides for creative social dynamics | Switzerland / Worldwide.

Status: launched beta version transcends current market limits, definitions, forms and structures, to generate artistic creation dynamics and unique social relationships. Encounters are the key. ha.n is a referral based digital instrument that connects communities by establishing a direct relationship to a threefold intention possibility: travel, research, dialogue

Supported by InnoSuisse.

Research partner, HumanTech, Fribourg.

A action.

Writer Director


Virtual Immersion Performance | Swizerland, International.

Status: Prototype production

REVES is an interactive and immersive VR performance taken from Lisa Bresner's book "Un rêve pour toutes les nuits", illustrated by Frédérick Mansot, with the calligraphies of Dong Qiang, first published by Actes Sud Edition in 1999.

The different supports, realities and materials overlap and mix and create a sensory, audiovisual and imaginative experience that switches between narration and image, Chinese calligraphy and dance, movement and sound.

Target audience, children and adolescent from 6 to 16 years of age, extended to all audiences. 
REVES highlights the dialogue between cultures and the encounter between living art and immersive technologies and virtual reality.

Selected works

Producer Director


Presentations & talks | GATE, Fribourg, Switzerland.

October 2021

Organised at GATE blueFACTORY, Aspects of reality gathered a local audience during 5 days, to the sharing of knowledge and artistic experimentations around REVES prototype, creation process led by Xocolat since 2019. 

The themes of exploration of REVES allowed to gather around guests such as the French sinologist Cyrille Javary, on the occasion of the hybrid conference “Le souffle du pinceau”, and to meet the curator Rob La Frenais and his team, for a journey of recollection (according to the photographic archive of Eliane Laubscher) of “The Incident”, organized during the Belluard Bollwerk in 1995, about virtual reality, the limits of consciousness in art, the impact of technologies and U.F.O.  

Calligrapher Inès Igelnick presented a performance of Chinese calligraphy and a public meeting, included in the programme thanks to the collaboration with Galerie Cathédrale.  

Children and families were able to take part in the artistic dynamics of the meeting during the Chinese ink painting workshops led by the illustrator Frédérick Mansot. 

The REVES prototype team shared their work, staging an immersive journey through layers of paper, text and audio-visual projections, following little Tang’s journey through ancient China, dreamlike reality, and the learning of ideograms.  



Actor | Writer | co Director


360 mise en scene | Unlearning Center, Fribourg, Switzerland.

Having restaged ¡Lazaro! during 2020, this new circular open mise en scene works within a transportable dome. 

The development of the ¡Lazaro! creative universe continues.


Production | Artistic Director


Performance Interactive Live Stream Festival | Fribourg, Switzerland.

40 performances, 12 days, 4 camera interpretation, interactive, dance, music, theatre, new circus, sound installations, performance, percussion, space sound, 1 on 1, movement classes, and more.


Concept Director


Dance, performance, theatre & more 

Fribourg, Ticino, Switzerland.

Over 30 artist from Fribourg and Ticino share their work through physical locations (GATE, Fribourg) and towards virtual online experiences with their audience, from 3.12.2020 to 14.12.2020.

TEATRO VIRTAL is a structure developed to generate personal online and interactive theatrical experiences. 


Actor | Writer Director


Physical theatre  | In Spanish.

Switzerland | Europe.

New mise en scene for hit performance piece by Felix B.Q. and Mathias Britos, ¡Lazaro!'s insight on misery and life transformation proves to be more contemporary than ever. 

Written, Directed & Played by Felix Bachmann Quadros & Mathias Britos.

Co - direction Luca Zanetti

Articles (in Spanish):


El Redoblante

La Propuesta



Production | Artistic Co-director


Performance, stage and music Festival | Fribourg, Switzerland.

9 performances, 15 artists, 1 workshop on mask construction.

Set to the tone of the times, Hasard is programmed on a quick availability to date dynamic pivoted on encounters. 

Artists showcase their recent work and open their experience to an audience. 

International artists invited to exchange with national and local talent. 


Concept & Implementation | Artist


Concept and opening new performance space |

BlueFACTORY, Fribourg, Switzerland.

Concept evolves from a need to create a space for performance, exhibition, and artistic expression that conforms to a community organic structure and complements institutional players. 



Story & Content Director


Experience for the elderly | International.

Status: service on request.

MONA is a highly advanced, fully customizable Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) platform that whisks patients away from the confines of hospital rooms using therapeutic, immersive artworks created by artists and doctors.

MONA is used by medical professionals around the world to address a variety of complex healthcare challenges.

2019 / 2020

Story & Content, Pedagogical mediation Director


Ruse Laboratories | In spanish, italian, french, english. Switzerland / USA.

Status: in progress.

Development, creation and performance of virtual immersions and interactive productions through platforms and apps developed by Ruse Laboratories (CA, USA). 

Each experience is produced to bespoke skill and understanding.

Content and story directed for hospital use in the USA.

Initiations to VR and pedagogical work towards secondary schools in Switzerland.


Writer | Director | Editor


Documentary (47') | In English, Spanish, French, Italian (subtitled).

Fribourg, Lugano, Switzerland. Milano, Italy. Begur, Spain.

Salta, Jujuy, Argentina. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Costa Atlantica, Uruguay.

A journey through the creation of SNOUT MASKS, from conception to the making and use.

With Manuela Bernasconi, Andrea Cavarra, Bernardo Nante, Alessandra Faienza, & Felix Bachmann Quadros.

Written, Directed  & Cut by Felix Bachmann Quadros. 


Writer | Director | Editor


Guignol à roulettes | In French. Fribourg, Switzerland.

8 part documentary series focusing on the first twenty years of Fribourg's theatre and marionette company, Guignol à roulettes. 

Work in collaboration with the Bibliothèque cantonal et universitaire de Fribourg. 

Written, Directed  & Edited by Felix Bachmann Quadros. 


Writer | Director | Editor


Short Documentary Series for the WEB | In French, German. Fribourg, Switzerland.

Fribourg's Basse Ville also known as the Auge neighbourhood is a unique place for both Swiss and international standards. Cutting through almost two hundred meters of wall, the Sarine bends to a pronounced angle, surrounded by the old city walls. Its people have stories to tell, lives to pronounce. From the most well preserved medieval city in Europe, les Histories de la Basse is a treasure story through its people.

Concept, Filmmaking, Editing by Felix Bachmann Quadros  & Baptiste Janon.


Filmmaker | Editor


Short documentary clip | In Italian (subtitled), English.

Torino, Italy.

A short audiovisual document on Bämsemble theatre company, during the opening of SALT at the Cavallerizza Ireale, Torino, during the Here Festival 2018.

Filmed and edited by Felix Bachmann Quadros.


Writer | Conception


Dance performance, Mediation Project | In French.

Fribourg, Switzerland.

A dance performance to address the spirit of game in a community, the elements of freedom in structure, rules to bend, and looking into the untold realm of playfulness.

Questions addressed are complemented by an ongoing audiovisual discussion with professionals in the subject, and artistic actions in collaboration to local artists.

A encounter in Fribourg, directed by Manuela Bernasconi and written by Felix Bachmann Quadros.


Filmmaking |  Editor 


Music Clip | Faido, Switzerland.

Shainy Atakkaran shines and chants her way through Manuela Bernasconi's siren dance to Shemira Snout Mask. A company of women. The cascades of Faido.

Filmmaking & editing.




Dance solo performance | In French.

Fribourg, Vevey, Lausanne, Lugano, Locarno, Switzerland.

Collaboration with choreographer and dancer Manuela Bernasconi, a place between life and death.

Writting & Collaboration through Snout Masks.


Videomaker |  Editor 


Short Film | In French.

Fribourg, Switzerland.

Andrea Cavarra makes and performs his masks of Commedia dell' Arte at the Keller Poche theatre in Fribourg, invited by Saavy Renard.

Camera & post-production.


Videomaker |  Editor 


Short Dance Film | Bienne, Switzerland.

Manuela Bernasconi and Sarah Avelini dance a duo amongst gigantic photographies Microsculputre by Levon Biss.

Captured and seen through the lens these two dancers offer three musical moments for the opening of the show. 

Camera & post-production.


Filmmaker |  Editor 


Microclip | In Italian.

Gothard, Switzerland.

As one passes through from Canton Uri to Canton Ticino. 

a proposal edited to OSSIGENO MUSIC.


Writer |  Director


Dance & Radio Performance | In Italian.

Bellinzona, Switzerland.

At the lowest level underneath the Autosilo del Sole, Drive In, La Bambola, sparks a rush.

With Radio Production by Alan Alpenfelt, Original Music by the Ocilloscope, Audio Mixing and Recording by Marco Viale, and an ensamble of people to crunch tin to dust. An experience, and concept, by Manuela Bernasconi, Francesca Sproccati. They too choreographed and performed, to lighting design by Ariel Salati.

Writer & Director, in strict collaboration with choreographic work.


Writer |  Director


Mid-length Film (38') | In English, Italian (subtitled).

Lugano, Switzerland.

There is the crust. There is the rust, shine glittering chrome. There is scratching onto paper. There is shogun streets. And dance. And a love story, kisses to make it real. A line of thought.

Music by Luca Congedo. Paolo Brandi engineers. 

Photography to Ariel Salati.

With Mathias Britos, Anita Faconti, Camilla Parini.

Choreography & Dance Manuela Bernasconi and Francesca Sproccati.

Written, Directed and Cut by Felix Bachmann Quadros.


Live Video Performance |  Narrator

ROOM 306

Film Performance | In Italian (subtitled), English.

Lugano, Switzerland.

Just a year before the grounds of Open Land, and only a week after finishing production, Room 306 was presented at Piazza Manzoni, adjacent to the Municipality of Lugano. It was a live performance: real-time VJ editing to live music by Luca Congedo and danced by Francesca Sproccati and Manuela Bernasconi.

Live video editing and narration.


Writer | Director | Editor


Short Film (10') | In Italian (subtitle)

Capriasca, Switzerland.

The forest. A woman’s body. Two children wander and frolic. An abandoned shack. A promise long forgotten. A race into the labyrinth of memory.

Written, Directed and Edited by Felix Bachmann Quadros.


Writer | Performer


Dance and Narration to Music | In Italian

Lugano, Switzerland.

Ambiguity frames a game of mirrors, Francesca Sproccati and Manuela Bernasconi's choreographic line sensually shimmers in the dark neon lit WKND night club. Luca Congedo wrings out a live music and sound. 

Written and structured to choreographic line & Performed by Felix Bachmann Quadros.