Tailored work commission for private clients, businesses and institutions. 

Each case commissioned is considered specifically, moving from simple visual accounts and written statements, to full narrative expansion. 

From photography and audiovisual to performance and concept. 

Virtual Galleries | Contextual conservation | Virtual Reality experience

Reach an extended audience, beyond time and place, thanks to devised VR experiences.

Offer unique immersive experience through a place's history or everyday stories. 

Provide quality virtual galleries of exhibitions as means of time dependent moment archive (TDMA), or towards new narrative and associative structures.

Document through simple devices or towards artistic, performative and novel expansion. 

Recent commissions include (linked):

working on contextual conservation Fribourg. 

Guignol à roulettes: VR visite avec l' artiste | Au Bord du Monde integrale | Au Bord du Monde promo | Tuda et Paki promo

Guignol à roulettes au Musée Suisse de la Marionette.

Monique van de Roer Ecole de Danse

Planche Ecole de Danse

Antonello Messina / artist, photographs and portraits for website and communication. 

Nouveau Musee Bienne​

Mambassa at the Nouveau Monde, Fribourg. Camera and VR edit.

Azul y Verde. Music Clips editing and post-production. 

Selected photography commissions



Photography. Selection Ecole de Danse Monique Van der Roer. Fribourg.

Planche Ecole de Danse

Planche Ecole de Danse

Photography. A short selection for Planche Ecole de Dance, Fribourg, end of the year show at College St. Michel. June 2017