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Theatre, Dance, Live Caligraphy and Music 

Foundational piece for Carnal Creative Universe, work process involved about 30 artists, musicians, technicians, and a community of collaborators. This three act piece (Video above only Act 2 / orchestra below), took the audience through a love - death story into the depth of their own selves.

Carnal consisted of a theatrical prologue with a live orchestra where the story of our central character was introduced on a glass of wine, set in a bar that could be placed in a port town.

The audience is then invited to descend into the ring, where the performance happens: dance, music, and live calligraphy.

After this section the audience is then invited back to the bar where the orchestra performs a set of songs that retell elements of the story to a mixed musical genre and original composition.

Every night the performance changed and new elements were added, making it possible for an audience member to relive the full experience and nourish the story with his / her own imagination, as well as adding clarity to the elements at the core of it all: a crime is resolved as it is being shown.

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