with Felix Bachmann Quadros, Manuela Bernasconi, Bernardo Nante, Andrea Cavarra, Alessandra Faienza, Nuria Prazak. Shekinah de los Claveles, India Doron. original music by Ossigeno Music, Luca Congedo, Mario Cubillas & Neda Cainero, Marco Fagotti & Giovanni Ferri, Manu...


During creation and research for Tu Joues? dance and mediation performance, there has always been a recurrent feeling: how do we define and hold something that is as fleeting as the present moment, and as slippery as mercury. The playful spirit is small, and appears ou...


It is the responsibility of the collective community, not only the individual, to remember the origin of things. To know the origin of a thing is to access its immanence, to have control over it, and to progress beyond a life’s time frame.


En la actualidad, profundo nace un golpe que repite y repique, llamado respira y simple, vuelven las cosas nuevas.


A short video depicting development, writing and preparation for Room 306 Film & Performance production.


Soon after the completion of Carnal (Masnàda Associazione production), the volume of work related to this specific production found its element through the definition of a new creative universe (please see full magazine CCU for full explanation on concepts). Having had...


Full video of the dance and music performance (no editing) of Carnal presented at Metrò Club, Lugano, 23th of November 2013. 

Carnal consisted of a theatrical prologue with a live orchestra where the story of our central character was introduced on a glass of...


In english, italian and spanish

Shot by Francesco Bernasconi

Edited by Felix B.Q.

As part of the promotion for the work in progress of Carnal (presented at the Metrò derelict space in Lugano, Ticino, during November of 2013), this short video evidences the talent behind i...


"Gods of Fortune" by Hokusai

Sometimes when in need of reassurance we dwell into our inner motives, the intimacy of our actions, our dreams and hopes. We look into life - what worked and what didn't, and ask for a sense of forgiving through remembrance. 

This third insta...


Image Nusrat by Jacob Logos for ¡LAZARO!

Born as a yell ¡LAZARO! prevailed through hardship, travels and extraordinary collaboration and friendship.

This first edition of the N1 magazine aimed to lay down the basis for work after its first short tour in Switzerland, and...


¡LAZARO! was our first creative universe with Masnàda Associazione, and the basis of its foundation. Theatre in its heart, the production evolved into music productions, art collaborations, journalistic experience, concept, travels and an incredible social force.

Its li...

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This blog site concentrates information related to creative endeavours by Felix BQ).

As you scroll and click into detail you can choose tags to elaborate on a certain area of interest.


Felix's artistic vision transcends concept into action. Irreverent yet attached to an audience, experimentation serves storytelling and the movement of the imagination.

This site is perched on creative encounters.


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