with Felix Bachmann Quadros, Manuela Bernasconi, Bernardo Nante, Andrea Cavarra, Alessandra Faienza, Nuria Prazak. Shekinah de los Claveles, India Doron. original music by Ossigeno Music, Luca Congedo, Mario Cubillas & Neda Cainero, Marco Fagotti & Giovanni Ferri, Manu...


Cada definición es una estructura en el tiempo: cae y se desparrama ante la respiración de nuestra realidad.


¡LAZARO! es Teatro

¡LAZARO! es Música

¡LAZARO! es Encuentro

¡LAZARO! es Vida y un compartir intensamente

¡Lazaro! como obra ha siempre mantenido un estrecho espacio de relación con el lugar o ambiente en el cual se establece. Siendo una obra permeable a su entorno, y en co...


En la actualidad, profundo nace un golpe que repite y repique, llamado respira y simple, vuelven las cosas nuevas.


As an idea is brought to life, it can be perplexing to pinpoint its fount. This is the way in any creation: work through expansion towards the origin. Il Sogno became attached to a feeling: the discovery of something around the corner.

“Somewhere between life and death there lies a desert. A symmetrical vision vexes the horizon to abnormal unescapable recurrence. Beasts, both small and large, attend to its desolation.  No man walks unfathomed; The measure of life resonates to every step."


Snout Masks are small leather masks that cover mouth and nose, but can crawl all over the body and breathe potential movement. Keyed into a psychological funnel these little masks generate rhythm, provide accents and, as in writing, become the fabric of narrative const...


William Blake's quote becomes as relevant as ever with so much political and corporate demagogy.

Back in 2013 / 2014 I was in Rio de Janeiro for a good three month period. I was there with my family, and we were invited.

Early one morning I jotted down part of the poem...


Photo still detail Open Land, Film.

Choreography by Manuela Bernasconi and Francesca Sproccati.

Photography by Ariel Salati.

Written and Directed by Felix B.Q.

The following text is a segment presented in the subject matter of choreography and film for Reso's Choreographi...


A detail above.

Macarena Moreno's heart-bending photographic intimacy further develops Drive In as a performance piece. Each photograph is a discovery and a piece of a complex relationship with her subject. Moreno's femininity transpires the image and nourishes our eyes...


A selection of photos by Christian Scheggia for Drive In.

Collaboration with Christian has been profuse over the last two years. His backstage photography for short film "Il Sogno" proved essential for the final aesthetic quality of the film.

As much as he is talented as...


Written and Directed by: Felix B.Q.

Production: Manuela Bernasconi.

Acting: Hari Magatia, Nora Lea Rosenberg, Pamela De Pascalis.

Camera and Photography: Kevin Merz, Ricardo Torres.

Sound and Original music: Marco Viale.

Editing: Felix B.Q.

Color Grading: Carl Russ-Mohl (Mup...


In italian *original text in spanish

Video Edited and Produced by Felix B.Q.

Shot by Kevin Merz, Jean Pierre Schoch and Felix B.Q.

DRIVE IN, created in Ticino, has been presented at the Autosilo Piazza del Sole, 3 level parking garage under the main square of Bellinzona,...


In english

A scherzo. Part of OPEN LAND, mid length film (2016).

With Manuela Bernasconi and Francesca Sproccati. 

Masks by Alessandra Faienza.

Edited by Felix B.Q.


The death of a young woman in Room 306 opens an investigation. Crime and passion mingle in the mind of the Narrator. As the story unfolds the crime materialises to resolve the intimate responsibility of acts committed. A new narrative language to film, music and dance.

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Felix's artistic vision transcends concept into action. Irreverent yet attached to an audience, experimentation serves storytelling and the movement of the imagination.

This site is perched on creative encounters.


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