My research is rooted in narrative scenarios and stems towards technically driven stagings. Work is structured through nodes of information, analysis, association of ideas, that, like an organic document or a layered prism of elements, allow for several access points t...


The tones of life, after a certain age, extend beyond the mere accents of a past unavailable, they become the living substance of resolve: it puts in motion a sense of liberation. That which allows our soul to expand beyond remorse or ill feelings. Deep within a person...


with Felix Bachmann Quadros, Manuela Bernasconi, Bernardo Nante, Andrea Cavarra, Alessandra Faienza, Nuria Prazak. Shekinah de los Claveles, India Doron. original music by Ossigeno Music, Luca Congedo, Mario Cubillas & Neda Cainero, Marco Fagotti & Giovanni Ferri, Manu...


Cada definición es una estructura en el tiempo: cae y se desparrama ante la respiración de nuestra realidad.


It is the responsibility of the collective community, not only the individual, to remember the origin of things. To know the origin of a thing is to access its immanence, to have control over it, and to progress beyond a life’s time frame.


A recent meeting with Dr. Gohard-Radenkovic, discussing the topics at hand and the reclamation of a lost first nation’s language brought about the concept of liminality.

This sections opens an ongoing long distance cross interview between main collaborators Jacob Logos and Felix Bachmann Quadros. It also provides relevant information on the work process at the heart of this project.

Jacob Logos has a long heart felt affiliation with Abo...


A choreography by Manuela Bernasconi. This is the first piece written through the work done with Snout Mask.


Using Snout Mask to generate creative life for Manuela Bernasconi's solo piece has provided for an expansive collaboration with Nuria Prazak, Felix B.Q. and Francesca Sproccati.


Manuela Bernasconi and Felix B.Q. work on the creation for a solo dance piece with Shemira Snout Mask. The work has generated dramaturgical material as well as performer mask relationship.


Snout Masks are small leather masks that cover mouth and nose, but can crawl all over the body and breathe potential movement. Keyed into a psychological funnel these little masks generate rhythm, provide accents and, as in writing, become the fabric of narrative const...


A habitual feeling of packaged emptiness when it comes to art, and the repetition of personal extravagances to decor and prize nominations is a thing of the past. The next stage of human evolution is tied to the integration of technology and human intelligence into a u...


The encounters of Savvy Renard are a creative venture we've recently launched at our neighbourhood. It consists of an artist to open his personal skill, through the telling of his life story, during workshops that last the span of a weekend. They are held at Quartier d...


Photo still detail Open Land, Film.

Choreography by Manuela Bernasconi and Francesca Sproccati.

Photography by Ariel Salati.

Written and Directed by Felix B.Q.

The following text is a segment presented in the subject matter of choreography and film for Reso's Choreographi...



Ideation and concept by Felix B.Q. 

Development and construction in leather by Felix B.Q. and Andrea Cavarra.

In collaboration with Zorba Officina Creativa.

Photography by Cristian Scheggia.

Snout Mask (also nominal to slave mask) is conc...

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This blog site concentrates information related to creative endeavours by Felix BQ).

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Felix's artistic vision transcends concept into action. Irreverent yet attached to an audience, experimentation serves storytelling and the movement of the imagination.

This site is perched on creative encounters.


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